Topic outline

  • RE resources available to purchase from the RE Centre

    All our packs have been updated to reflect the requirements of Living Difference III.

    A handy one page list of our publications, with prices and product codes, is provided below, along with flyers for our most recent products.

    Please place your order online

  • Ordering teaching packs from the RE Centre

    A publications list is provided at the top of this page with details and prices of publications available to purchase from the RE Centre. Please order by using this online form. Schools outside Hampshire and academies should call 01962 863134 for price list.

    Ordering process for RE topic boxes and publications:

    Hampshire schools: Under Hampshire's Integrated Business Centre (IBC), there is a specific process for ordering and paying for RE resources. If you wish to reserve a topic box or order some teaching packs, please complete this online form. In the case of topic boxes, I will then check availability and come back to you to confirm.

    To arrange payment, please pass a copy of the form to your finance officer, who will need to raise an IBC internal customer request – if they need assistance with this process, please call the RE Centre on 01962 863134.

    Academies and non-Hampshire schools: please order online - you will receive an invoice on despatch.