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    Please note that our teaching pack prices have been reviewed with effect from 01.01.2020, as they have been held for four years.

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    • Revised primary RE publications

      RE leaders who have purchased publications and guidance from the RE Centre in the past should note that some of the teaching packs have been revised to reflect changes in statutory guidance, curriculum and to incorporate further research from the world of theology and religious studies.

      The following packs have been revised and contain teaching plans, resources and further detailed advice for your teachers:

      • RE in the Foundation Stage (product code RE021b)
        All schools should be following the 2021 EYFS statutory framework. In addition, there is a legal requirement for children in Reception classes in maintained and church controlled schools to access religious education as laid down in the RE agreed syllabus in Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and Isle of Wight schools. We have revised our popular RE in the Foundation Stage teaching pack to take into account the 2021 EYFS statutory framework. If you require advice or support for the teaching of RE in your Reception classes, please contact Justine Ball (email

      • What does it mean to be a Muslim? guidance for teaching about Islam at KS2 (product code RE040)
        This pack contains four cycles of enquiry covering both Year 5 and Year 6 teaching. This guidance has superseded the original pack entitled A visit to a Mosque which should not be used. If you are using the original pack in your school, please contact Justine Ball for further advice (email

      • Leadership and prophethood pack (product code RE016a)
        This pack contains two cycles of enquiry for use in RE at the end of Year 6 to help prepare children for the transition to secondary school. The original pack included cross-curricular links with history which are no longer in the primary history curriculum. If you are using the original pack in your school, please contact Justine Ball for further advice (email

      • Teaching Christmas at KS2 (product code RE004)
        This pack contains three cycles of enquiry, including a unit on the Magi. The concept for this unit has been changed from prophecy to warning. Please ensure that the planning and teaching in your school are focussed on the updated concept warning.