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    See what we're offering for RE

    by Shauna Willmott -

    We’ve created new Upcoming Courses pages for RE to keep you updated on new courses and training opportunities available to book. 

    Click here to be taken to the page.

    The Religious Education Moodle will be under maintenance on 7th December

    by Cormac Wilton -

    Our Religious Education Moodle will be undergoing an upgrade on 7th December and the site will not be available for use during this time. This upgrade will enable us to benefit from more recent improvements to the platform and ensure the ongoing security of the site. There will not be any changes to the site content or to the way that you access resources and links.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused - we are working closely with our Moodle provider to minimise any disruption to users so that we can get the site back up and running as soon as we can.

    Spaces are still available for Assessment in Religious Education in the Primary Phase 2021-22 – 9 February 2022

    by Cormac Wilton -

    Delegates will receive training in appropriate task-setting in RE, using assessment to improve learning and making judgements about pupils' work in relation to the newly revised RE syllabus Living Difference IV.

    Search and book on the learning zone using keywords: Assessment Religious

    Price: Sub £185 / SLA £110 / Full £222

    Living Difference IV: revising plans, teaching packs and your school websites

    by RE Moodle administrator -

    With the launch of Living Difference IV on 30 November 2021, the HIAS RE team is in the process of updating all plans, websites and teaching packs accordingly, including the use of end of year expectations (EYEs) to assess children's progression. 

    This is a significant piece of work and will be achieved over the coming months. During this transition phase, please continue to use your existing plans and teaching packs.

    Link to Living Difference IV is here. We ask schools to please check that you have links to the syllabus on your school websites from January 2022 and to check that you are up to date by referring to Living Difference IV in your RE policy and curriculum overviews. Schools will need to take time to plan and implement the syllabus and we ask that you do this during this academic year, ready for September 2022 onwards.

    Please email any queries to re.centre@hants.gov.uk.

    Due to popular demand: second date for Living Difference IV conference -12 January 2022

    by RE Moodle administrator -

    As the launch of Living Difference IV on 30 November 2021 was fully booked, a second conference date has been added on 12 January 2022. 

    If you attended the launch on 30 November 2021, you do not need to attend on 12 January 2022. 

    Presented by the HIAS RE team, this virtual one-day conference will offer an overview of and training in Living Difference IV, the revised locally agreed RE syllabus for Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and Isle of Wight schools. Essential aspects of Living Difference IV will be introduced, including key changes from the existing syllabus. Keynote presentations from national RE figures as well as phase-specific briefings and workshop-based sessions led by County Steering Group members will ensure delegates are confident to fully implement the syllabus in your school. 

    Aimed at headteachers and senior leaders with curriculum responsibility, primary subject leaders and secondary heads of RE departments, this is a key CPD event which will inform schools’ RE for the next five years. 

    For further details, see flyer. Book via the Learning Zone.

    HIAS curriculum centres have moved!

    by RE Moodle administrator -

    The four HIAS curriculum centres have relocated to the following address:

    Clarendon House, D Block
    Monarch Way
    Winchester  SO22 5PW

    Our other contact details remain unchanged and are detailed in the flyer below. 

    Please be reassured that we remain on the same site, just in a different building:

    Thank you for your understanding during the move; we will respond to schools’ enquiries as soon as we can.

    RE in Church of England schools

    by RE Moodle administrator -

    Using Living Difference III with Understanding Christianity

    The Hampshire RE team is very pleased to let you know that there is free, detailed guidance available below about the Hampshire locally agreed syllabus for RE Living Difference III and using the resource Understanding Christianity with it. It contains an overview of the law for RE, the concepts underpinning the syllabus and advice on using activities in the resource while ensuring the cycle of enquiry is kept in place for all units of work in RE.  

    The aim of this advice is to help you understand how to use Understanding Christianity with the Living Difference III cycle of enquiry so that your RE fully complies with the requirements of the syllabus while also using aspects of Understanding Christianity that meet your class needs. If you are in a voluntary controlled school, RE must be taught in accordance with the locally agreed syllabus Living Difference III and it is worth noting that in a voluntary controlled school designated as having a religious character, Ofsted will inspect RE, but not collective worship.

    If you plan to use Understanding Christianity as a resource to support the teaching of Christianity within the wider context of the requirements of Living Difference III, we strongly recommend this advice to you.

    If you feel that there is a need for further training on the syllabus to ensure the legal requirements for RE are met, there is a course on using the syllabus with Understanding Christianity available to you. The date for the next course is 16.02.22

    For information on how to book all HTLC courses via Hampshire’s Learning Management System (LMS), please visit the HTLC site. For any enquiries about booking, please email htlc.courses@hants.gov.uk.

    If you require any further clarification or indeed wider support for your RE, please contact :

    Justine Ball for Primary RE on justine.ball@hants.gov.uk and Patricia Hannam on patricia.hannam@hants.gov.uk

    Many of the Church of England schools in Hampshire and Southampton subscribe to the County RE Centre and therefore have easy access to resources to support Living Difference III. Please contact Lydia Revett at the RE Centre by email re.centre@hants.gov.uk if you have any resourcing requirements and she will be delighted to help.

    Finally if you would like the RE team to keep in touch with you by email, please consent by completing this online form https://tinyurl.com/RE-news-signup.

    CPD support for teaching RE from the HIAS RE team

    by RE Moodle administrator -

    Learning Zone booking page

    RE training catalogue and courses page

    Please note that some of the training below will be delivered virtually:

    • 12.01.22 Launch of Living Difference IV (second date)

    • 26.01.22 RE and the new Ofsted framework

    • 02.02.22 Reviewing SMSC provision in the light of the requirement to promote fundamental British values

    • 08.02.22 Christian traditions (subject knowledge webinar)

    • 09.02.21 Assessment in RE in the primary phase

    • 14.02.22 RE in the Foundation Stage with the new EYFS framework

    • 15.02.22 How to manage RE effectively at KS1 and KS2

    • 16.02.22 Using Understanding Christianity with Living Difference IV

    • 28.02.22 Collective worship in primary schools

    • 07.03.22 Islam (subject knowledge webinar)

    • 08.03.22 Hindu traditions (subject knowledge webinar)

    If you have an urgent enquiry about your place on a course, please email HTLC.Courses@hants.gov.uk 

    New date for Spring term: Reviewing SMSC Provision in Light of the Requirement to Promote Fundamental British Values (Webinar) – 2 February 2022

    by Cormac Wilton -

    Working with the latest 2017 edition of the Hampshire SMSC Audit Tool, this half day course will deepen understanding of the requirements for SMSC in the most recent Ofsted Handbook and Framework 

    Search and book on the learning zone using keywords: SMSC

    Price: Sub £100 / SLA £50 / Full £120

    Available to book now: Spring 21-22 - Primary RE Network - starting 17 January 2022

    by Cormac Wilton -

    This 2.5 hour sessions are designed to enable RE managers to explore, share and develop good practice in RE in their schools. The sessions will focus on helping other staff to understand the cycle of enquiry, know the range of concepts in the Living Difference syllabus, create and amend planning for RE and help understand assessment issues across the school.
    Sessions will cover issues according to the needs of the participants, such as: Supporting other staff in school - what is Hampshire RE about? Developing schemes of work for RE within a developing, integrated curriculum.RE through Literacy. RE linked with the creative arts. Developing thinking skills in RE. Assessing RE. RE's contribution to pupils' SMSC development.

    Search and book on the learning zone using keywords: Primary RE Network

    Price: Sub £90 / SLA £75 / Full £108

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