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  • Agreed Syllabus

    Living Difference IV is the Agreed Syllabus for Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton. This is the legal document to be followed for the teaching of religious education in Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight Local Authority schools. Academies in these areas are welcome to use Living Difference IV

    Living Difference IV offers a set of principles for teachers to make their curriculum to ensure religious education is open to the plurality of ways in which people live in our local, national and international communities.

    Living Difference IV describes an approach for teaching, seeking to explain the educational value not only of children engaging with new material intellectually, but also of them becoming better able to discern what is desirable for their own lives, and with others, for the world.

    This Agreed Syllabus is the basis on which the Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education (SACREs) of Hampshire, the Isle of Wight. Portsmouth and Southampton as well as the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) will determine the effectiveness of religious education in these areas.

    For more information about religious education in your school, please contact Patricia Hannam, County RE Inspector, by email:

    For information about using Living Difference IV in other areas or Multi Academy Trusts please see : Living Difference IV | Hampshire County Council (