Topic outline

  • Introduction

    With the launch of Living Difference IV on 30 November 2021, the HIAS RE team is in the process of updating all plans, websites and teaching packs accordingly, including the use of end of year expectations (EYEs) to assess children's progression. 

    This is a significant piece of work and will be achieved over the coming months. During this transition phase, whilst familiarising yourself with the new syllabus, please continue to use your existing plans and teaching packs.

    Link to Living Difference IV is here. We ask schools to please check that you have links to the syllabus on your school websites from January 2022 and to check that you are up to date by referring to Living Difference IV in your RE policy and curriculum overviews. Schools will need to take time to plan and implement the syllabus and we ask that you do this during this academic year, ready for September 2022 onwards.

    Please email any queries to

    • Key information for RE leaders and teachers (LDIV)

      Resources include:

      • legal and time requirements for RE
      • exemplar LTPs
      • staff training PowerPoint
      • pupil and staff questionnaires to audit your school's RE
      • resources to help children understand the cycle.
      • List of Medium Term Plans (MTPs) for LD IV

        This section contains a list of all the medium term plans (MTPs) that are available on the Moodle for all schools. These plans can be found here:

        There are many more plans on the RE Curriculum site and in the packs available from the RE centre, so if the plan you are looking for is not on the Moodle please have a look at the full list of all plans. The list of all the plans can be found here:

        Full list of MTPs by concept 2022