Topic outline

  • RE Centre contact details and opening hours

    From 11.10.21:

    County RE Centre
    Clarendon House, D Block
    Monarch Way
    SO22 5PW

    Tel: 01962 863134


    PLEASE NOTE STAFF WORK REMOTELY FOR PART OF THE WEEK. Please email to check before you visit.

    The centre is open during termtime only.

    09:30 - 17:00 Monday 
    09:30 - 14:30 Tuesday
    09:30 - 14:30 Wednesday
    09:30 - 17:00 Thursday
    Closed Friday

    • How can I get hold of the resources?

      Loan resources are available on loan to schools who subscribe to the HIAS curriculum resource centre scheme. If your school is not currently a subscriber, please visit HIAS fees and charges page. Please note that non-subscribing schools are able to purchase and borrow resources, but each loan or purchase attracts an additional charge of £35.

      The RE Centre has sets of artefact boxes covering all the major world religions, which contain a selection of key artefacts relating to symbols, worship, celebrations and festivals. Please see link at the top of this page for the RE artefact box catalogue. These boxes are available on loan for a charge of £22 per box (three-week loan charge applicable from 01.09.15; this is in addition to the subscription fee). If you would like to borrow a box for a shorter or longer loan, please email for prices.

      Terms and conditions of loan

      Ordering process for RE topic boxes and publications
      To reserve a topic box or order some teaching packs, please complete this online form. In the case of topic boxes, I will then check availability and come back to you to confirm your loan dates.
      Hampshire maintained schools: by providing your school cost code, SIO (if applicable) and GL code on your order, you authorise Centre staff to recharge your school account for your order.
      Academies and non-Hampshire schools: you will receive an invoice on despatch.